Charge Process Improvement for Surgery Departments

The surgery department is typically the most significant revenue generator for most hospitals, yet effective charge capture is often lacking. Surgery pricing can be outdated or may not directly relate to actual utilization costs. Charge capture procedures may be broken or non existent. By simplifying the charge capture process, M. Leco & Associates can increase billing accuracy and reduce lost revenue. We can typically increase surgery department annual net revenue by $80 per case.
Annual # of Surgical Cases
Total Annual Net Revenue Increase
  • We implement a well-defined, objective, system of tiered surgery charges that are based on your costs and the resources utilized.
  • We insure that all charging procedures are compliant with APC charging guidelines and other regulatory standards.
  • We establish procedural charges that accurately capture all supply costs. We correct your surgery department chargemaster to insure more accurate billing. We provide a competitive pricing analysis to help you formulate strategic pricing policies.
  • We update your physician preference cards and tie them to your charging systems to automatically capture all legitimate charges.
  • We establish billing codes to insure capture of all pass-thru charges for implantables and other reimbursable supplies.
  • At the beginning of our engagement, we thoroughly analyze your existing charge-capture procedures and recommend specific improvements. Upon your acceptance of the proposed modifications, we redesign your system, implement the recommended changes, in-service train your charging staff, and present you with a fully documented protocol manual.
We monitor the revenue and usage reports a minimum of 24 months after implementation to insure charging compliance by your staff. You will clearly see both the financial and compliance benefits from Leco's Charge Process Improvement for the Surgery Department.